Monster Factory Kids Game Review: Mix-‘em, match-‘em, mash-‘em monster-maker game

Monster Factory is a very simple, clever, quick-play game that combines creativity, imagination, and tops it off with a bit of the “gross factor.” Take turns placing tiles to create your first monster followed by its creepy little minions.

Monster Factory has a clever scoring mechanism wherein you get one point for each tile in your “master monster,” as we like to call it. Once you finish this first monster, you can then create minions where you get one point for each tile that has at least one eyeball on it. Be careful, however, as you get zero points for an unfinished monster!

While gameplay mostly focuses on each player’s own creations, there is a very fun aspect of either attacking or helping, depending on the player and depending on the “feel” of the particular round! For example, if a player is about to close off his master monster, you could swoop in and add a four-sided tile that makes it a whole lot harder to close off. What makes this component even more fun and flexible is that you can also help other players. So, if your 4-year-old is struggling to finish a monster, you can place just the right tile on her monster to help her finish it. This selfless play has really taken off with our young kids who now seek out opportunities to help each other build up or close off each other’s monsters. We now have to remind them, “Now, that’s really nice of you, but you want to build up your monster, too!” =-)

This game is hilarious to play with young kids, especially those who like random, gross, dangerous, and silly things. With each added tile, they’ll act out the monster then laugh and laugh! Overall, I give Monster Factory a 7 for its quick start, quick play components, its endless combinations of monsters, and how much it makes kids laugh. I initially scored it a bit lower as replay value isn’t super high for me; however, I bumped it back up because the replay value is very high for our kids. As this is primarily a kids game, that’s what matters most.

Quick Tip: Find that right balance for your first monster. You don’t want to finish your master monster too soon, or you get very few points for each individual tile as opposed to only tiles that have an eyeball in them with the minions.

Disclaimer: I received this game for free in exchange for my review, but believe me, I post authentic reviews every time and will be brazenly blunt if needs be. 

Link to Rio Grande Games & Image Source

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