Camel Up Supercup Board Game Review: Great expansion to an already awesome game

We’ve been huge fans of the original Camel Up game for a long time, tagging it as having caused some of the greatest “Yes!!” fist pumps as well as the most dejected “Nooooo!!” groans of any game we’ve played. It keeps emotions and attention taut as any player’s turn can bring fortune or ruin. Well now we have it’s artistic, flexible, and super fun expansion: Supercup.

Not only does Supercup allow you to increase the maximum number of players from eight to ten, it adds up to four new elements or “modules” to the game. You can choose just your favorite single module, a couple of them, or add all four. Adding two seems perfect to me. Adding one doesn’t add enough of an expansion factor, four seems too heavy in terms of the amount of choices you need to make each turn, and three is a little on the heavy side as well.

I’m assuming you’ve played the original Camel Up game if you’re reading this review. If not, you’ll want to read this review first…or just play the game. =-)

The first module is probably the most used. It adds an extension to the track and an additional dice for each color. At the beginning of each round, you add the dice with the corresponding color of the camel which is in last place into the pyramid. Also, as a turn, a player may turn in a pyramid rolling tile to add an unused support dice into the pyramid and roll. The results of this module are two-fold: it rounds out the pack of camels by not allowing one to get too far behind and it allows you to further push along the camel you’ve bet on the most.

The second element adds a cool, old-school camera to the mix. As a turn, you can place the camera on a racetrack spot where you think you’ll get the most camels to land. You only get one chance though. If one camel lands there, you only get one coin. But if you luck out and get four or five, it’s well worth the investment!

The third module adds a leg-betting tile for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and last place for that leg (instead of the normal end-of-race betting).

Lastly, my favorite module, let’s you force a partnership upon another player. By entering this partnership, you choose one of the other player’s tiles to “share” its wealth with you. At the end of the round, you get to cash in on that tile’s income (the other player still gets the rewards as well).

As always with Z-man Games, the quality and artwork of the board and pieces are outstanding. I take a full several minutes before playing any new Z-man game just to look at all the intricate, fun art. Try to find any hidden surprises on the pyramid or look at the different camera lenses in the expansion. So awesome!

Overall, I like this expansion. It’s not in my top five list of expansions, but it’s a good, solid expansion especially given the flexibility of adding any of the four new modules.

Disclaimer: I received this game for free in exchange for my review, but believe me, I post authentic reviews every time and will be brazenly blunt if needs be.

Link to Z-man Games & Image Source

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