5 Awesome Board Games for Teenagers

5 Awesome Board Games for Teenagers

Sometimes it’s hard to find board games suitable for teenagers. They often get bored and disinterested if the game is too long, too complex, or perceived as too dull. Here are five tried and true board games which have a high level of involvement, are fast-paced, and have some sort of craziness factor…just what teens need in a board game whether they are board game fans or not!

Dead Panic

Seriously, what teen doesn’t like zombies? Play as a group of survivors trapped in a cabin in the middle of the woods…during a zombie apocalypse! Gather supplies, guns, and items around the cabin as different types of zombies creep, bash, or sprint their way into the cabin. Your teens will work together to fend off the hordes while collecting pieces of a radio to call in a rescue van. This game is intense, engaging, and just the right amount of gory!

Intense, engaging, and just the right amount of gory!

King of Tokyo

Your teen will love playing as a monster bent on destroying downtown Tokyo while fending off other monsters seeking the most glory and destruction. Build up health, specialty cards, and bravery before entering the city to gain destruction points. The catch? Monsters entering the city become monster-sized targets for the others vying to take their crack at the havoc! This game is fighty, fast-paced, and a ton of fun!

King of Tokyo Board Game - Top 5 game for teens!
Fighty, fast-paced, and a ton of fun!

Student Bodies

What teen wouldn’t like a mayhem-filled race for the cure in a locked down high school filled with…you got it: zombies? Shove your fellow students into zombies, knock them down to become bait, and dodge your way to the antidote in the lab before escaping…and locking the door behind you to prevent an outbreak! This game is hilarious, chaotic, and kinda mean! Your teen will love it. =-)

Student Bodies Board Game - Top 5 board game for teens!
Hilarious, chaotic, and kinda mean!

Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow

The goal: Werewolves kill the Villagers; Villagers kill the Werewolves. The catch: no one knows who is who! This one is a very atmospheric social deduction game with elements of influencing, accusing, and lying your head off. =-) It is a great game for a variety of teenage personalities to enjoy. The shy bookworm can take out the outgoing jock as the Hunter. The goth teen can revive another ally as the Witch. Possibly the best thing is how inexpensive this game is, even with its several very fun expansions!

Werewolves of Miller's Hollow - Top 5 game for teens!
Influence, accuse, and lie your head off!


Lastly, Croak is a simple and light game of frogs attacking frogs and being eaten by carp. The only goal is to take out opposing players’ queen frogs with a group of frog minions who do their bidding. Talk might get a little raunchy when the queen finds and mates with the male frogs hidden throughout the pond…but hopefully your teens keep it on the clean side. =-) Croak is a light and fun kill-or-be-killed strategy game with much attacking, evading, and mating!

Croak! Board Game - Top 5 board game for teens!
Attack, evade, and mate!

Before you head straight to the top video game list for your teen’s next gift, take a look at these five awesome board games for teens to see if there’s a fit. I’m sure you’ll find one!

Do you know of other games your teens have loved? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below! Also, feel free to post questions about any of the games. I’ve played each extensively and am happy to help. Have fun and game on!

6 thoughts on “5 Awesome Board Games for Teenagers

  1. These look so cool and like a lot of fun. I think even I would have fun playing them even though I am not a teenager.

  2. I have never been able to get into Dead Panic. We bought it on a whim and have played it 3-4 times with two players (the wife and I). I don’t know if it just doesn’t play well with 2 or whether there’s something wrong with us, or maybe it’s just not for us, but we find it incredibly difficult to actually do well in it.

    And it just isn’t that fun because of that.

    I’m glad somebody likes it, though! 🙂

    1. Haha! While I definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong with you, I understand your thoughts here. =-) Almost every time I’ve played Dead Panic has been with kids or teenagers who are just enthralled and excited to be in a cabin being chased by zombies…no matter the outcome. While I found it fun just playing with my wife, the enjoyment was definitely ramped up playing with kids/teens. Thanks for your thoughts, Dave! =-)

  3. My kids would love any of these games! They especially anything with zombies in it lol I really appreciate the reviews. It gives me some ideas for Christmas gifts this year!

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