Jurassic Uno Attack Game Review: A roaring, card-spitting spin on a classic family game

Jurassic Uno Attack


Take Uno, a classic card game that’s been around for many decades…then add a huge dinosaur head with creepy growls and roars, spitting cards, and devastating new action cards and you get Jurassic Uno Attack. I challenge you to not grin when you see kids’ reactions opening this up for the first time. Email me directly if you don’t, and I will personally provide you with…something awesome (like great words of advice). =-)

Gameplay Overview

With the goal of getting rid of your cards first, match the color or number of the most recently played card to lay it down. Play the Discard All card to lay down all cards from your hand of that color, the Hit 2 card to make the next player press the Dilophosaur two times, the Hit 4 card to make her press it four times, and my favorite Attack Attack card to choose any player to press the Dilophosaur head twice! You’ll never know when he’ll decide to roar and spit out cards at the defenseless player who has to add them to his hand.


Quick Thoughts

First of all, what kid doesn’t like Uno? Secondly, what kid doesn’t like dinosaurs? Let alone a hissing, roaring, card-spitting dinosaur. I have yet to play this with a child who does not really, really enjoy it. The excitement of never knowing if your press will be the one to trigger an attack makes them giggle with excitement every time an attack card is played.

You’ll love the freshness of the new action cards. As many of us have played one of the almost 200 versions of Uno dozens (or even hundreds!) of times throughout our lives, it can get a bit…redundant at times. Even without the dinosaur head, Jurassic Uno Attack gives a fresh spin on the classic game with some new action cards to mix things up. The Discard All card is quickly becoming my favorite!

I often find online store images of games and toys misrepresenting of the actual size. Not so with this one! The Dilophosaur head is surprisingly large, about the size of my head (and I have a decently-sized head!). Of course, to kids at least, bigger is always better.

I know we have no real idea of what dinosaurs actually looked like, but this head looks and feels really cool and detailed. The frills even vibrate a little when it spits cards! However, my son did teach me that Dilophosaurs don’t actually have those cool frills nor do they actually spit acid! Thanks, Jurassic Park, for the inaccurate information…but it was worth it for that awesome scene!

Tips & Tricks

  • You probably shouldn’t put your face directly in front of the Dilophosaur’s mouth when it’s pressed. I may or may not be able to provide this advice from experience. =-)
  • Use your Discard All cards wisely! The best is waiting until the very end when you blow through your remaining few cards of that color, say “Uno!,” and drop your very last card for the win.

Jurassic Uno Attack

Scoring & Wrap-up

Overall, I give Jurassic Uno Attack a 6.5 out of 10 (between BGG’s “usually willing to play” and “will play if in the mood”) for the following reasons:


  • It’s a dinosaur spitting cards at you while roaring. Enough said.
  • The new action cards are great: the attack wild cards making other players press the Dilophosaur’s head and the Discard All cards mix up the classic Uno gameplay.
  • The replay value of playing this with new players is very high. It’s a blast introducing it for the first time to nieces, nephews, grandkids, friends, cousins, or other random children in your home.
  • Uno is a classic for kids and adults alike. While it’s super lightweight without much strategy involved, it has stood the test of time and has been going strong for coming up on 50 years!


  • Occasionally the card stack in the mouth or the head itself get a bit stuck when you press it. It’s a minor annoyance, nothing big.
  • As the Dilophosaur spits out cards, they can fall all over which can make the attacked player’s cards briefly visible. This may be an issue if you’re playing Uno for a high-stakes tournament, but it’s not a big deal otherwise.
  • We’ll soon find out, but it feels a bit like those once-and-done birthday or Christmas presents which generate a ton of excitement right off the bat but then fade off pretty quickly. If that happens, introduce it to other kids to relive those “first time” moments!

Overall, I like Jurassic Uno Attack. I see it fitting well with a broad group of young kids (4-8) who like dinosaurs and/or games of any sort. You’ll get a lot of initial play out of it, store it on the shelf for a while, then pull it out for parties or family gatherings to regenerate that excitement. You would knock it out of the park giving this as a gift to your children or grandchildren!

Jurassic Uno Attack2
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Disclaimer: I received this game for free in exchange for my review, but believe me, I post authentic reviews every time and will be brazenly blunt if needs be.

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