The Quiver Case – Protect, organize, and transport your card games

It's Quiver Time!


I really, really like the idea of having everything in my life organized. My wife is fantastic at this, but I am not. Over the years, we’ll clean up our game closet and be surprised when it’s a disaster again in no time at all. We even have a little shelf just to keep loose cards and game pieces to “one day” put back in their proper boxes. And then this Quiver came along and solved all of our organizational problems! Not entirely true, but it sure did for certain games in some really great ways. =-)

An actual quiver is used to store arrows (seen Arrow?). This Quiver is used to protect, organize, and transport card games. It would be the perfect gift for anyone who owns a good amount of card games or trading cards.

Common Card Game Storage Problems

If you are a light to moderate gamer or gaming family, my guess is you’ve personally experienced at least one, if not all, of these problems:

  • Chaos from your baskets of unorganized card game boxes requiring full-on rummaging to find the game you’re looking for.

Card Game Baskets

  • Lost playing time from the forgotten bottom-of-the-pile card games that haven’t seen the light of day in months or years.
  • Damage to cards and boxes from trying to smash a bunch of small, “portable” boxes into your canvas tote, gym bag, or luggage to take to game night or on vacation.
  • Confusion from attempting to organize your many decks of Magic, Pokemon, Star Realms, Munchkin, D&D sets, and so many more.

Quiver Features which Solve these Problems


Quality and workmanship are top notch. The case is solid (I’d love to test its durability!) and water-resistant, the straps are tough, and the inside is plush and soft. There are even two corner protectors inserted to add extra durability to the ends.


You’ll quickly appreciate the ability to organize at two levels with easily adjustable velcro inserts and colorful dividers. It will require some thought as to how to best store your card games (see more on this below), but you’ll soon realize how valuable this is. You won’t need to ever rummage through stacks of games to find the one you’re wanting.

It also has a net built into the lid to store any accessories to card games like tokens, scoring markers, etc.

It's Quiver Time!


It is perfectly sized. Insertion and removal of cards is snug but not too tight to fit the 1,350 cards (770 sleeved) this thing can hold. The compact design combined with the thin but solid outer shell makes for a perfect balance between durability and portability. Just hook the strap over your shoulder like a side bag, purse, or briefcase, and you’re ready to go.

Potential Uses

Fair Warning

You will have a very difficult time deciding what to store in your Quiver! We went back and forth trying to decide between storing multiple games, sets of the same game, several heavier games, kids games, a random assortment, etc. Although it’s very easy to do, you won’t want to constantly swap cards in and out of the Quiver every time you take it out for a game night or vacation. We see it as a permanent storage and carrying case for something. But what? In an ideal world, we’d all have a separate Quiver for every one of these examples. As it’s not an ideal world, you’ll just need to prioritize and decide! Or buy two or three more. =-) We landed on storing a bunch of different games:

It's Quiver Time!


I don’t often get excited about game accessories, but if I were to give the Quiver a score, I would give it an extremely high 9.5 out of 10 for the following reasons:


  • There is a perfect balance between being compact and durable.
  • The materials and workmanship are extremely high-quality.
  • The accessories are useful and valuable.
  • The color options are vibrant and engaging (black, teal, or bright pink)
  • It comes with everything you could think of and some things you wouldn’t think of! A shoulder strap, colorful acrylic separators, a wrist strap, adjustable velcro dividers, corner pads for the ends, and even 100 bonus card sleeves!
  • You may not care about business-type stuff, but I love that the product solves real problems for real people, the marketing message is simple and concise, and the name itself (quiver) is spot on and relevant.


  • It would be a nice cherry on top to have a way to label sections without using permanent marker on the tabbed dividers (which can’t change) or dry-erase marker (which gets easily rubbed off). I’ll leave this to the creative geniuses to figure out!
  • It would also be nice if it included a few more of the acrylic dividers. Four didn’t quite cut it for us. We needed to still use several rubber bands.
  • This con is against my bank account, not the Quiver: I want more of them! This isn’t a knock on the product itself, but it’s so good, I want to buy several more to fit all of our card games and sets in.  =-)

Overall, this is a very high quality product created by a solid company which is in tune with its target audience and the problems they face. They created something to provide actual, real-world solutions to common issues experienced by gamers around the world. I am now a long-term Quiver user and honestly foresee myself having a shelf just for a set of Quivers.

Buy a Quiver here!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my review, but believe me, I post authentic reviews every time and will be brazenly blunt if needs be.

4 thoughts on “The Quiver Case – Protect, organize, and transport your card games

  1. Thank you for this review. Quivers seem to have become the de-facto standard now. I need to get myself one and try it out. Not that I have to carry much around, but I’m still interested to see it for myself.

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