Doxie Dash Card Game Review: Wreak as much canine mischief as you can!

Doxie Dash


You’ve heard of mice coming out to play when the cat’s away? Doxie Dash is a game of the dog coming out to wreak the most havoc while the owner is away. It’s a hilariously clever game of tearing up skivvies, pooing on rugs, and chasing away strangers. Kids of all ages will love competing as different hero canines seeking to cause the most trouble!

Gameplay Overview

Super simple: select your hero, choose and play a card from your current deck, then pass the deck to the left (like 7 Wonders). Keep a close eye on the scoring combinations to see which suit you best! Once the round is complete, you get a second chance to trade out unwanted cards…at the risk of introducing undefeated badgers, strangers, or vacuums for negative points!

Quick Thoughts

I can imagine the creators of this game sitting back, closing their eyes, and thinking, “What devastation has my Dachshund (i.e., Doxie) done since we’ve had her?” then writing it all down as the basis for Doxie Dash. Having owned 43 dogs in my lifetime (including puppies!), I sure know what this damage looks like. You may find that playing this game instigates a lot of “Remember when…” conversations of various pet catastrophes!

It’s a ton of fun having your doxie hero wreaking havoc on the house, but there’s also a softer, well-intentioned side of your canine who chases away badgers, and even saves poor, little puppies (Meeps!) lost in the scary woods. I think this aligns quite well to reality: dogs sure have some mischievous behavior but they can sure be incredibly loving and caring!

Doxie Dash

The combinations of scoring are so fun (and make real-world sense!). Gain extra points by trashing unmentionables (bras, leopard-print briefs, and socks). Pooing on an expensive rug is more valuable than pooing on a hard floor. Chasing away a scary badger is more rewarding than a stranger or a vacuum. Add a rescued Meep to the combination for even more points. Kibble and water cards combined are far more powerful than either of them alone.

Each round of the game totally changes as there are many cards that are not included in each round. You may love to collect the most skivvies but some rounds just won’t have enough available to make this a viable strategy. With over 100 cards included and only 11 cards added to each round per player, there is a wide variance here.

At the end of each round, each player gets to replace waste cards with new cards from the deck. This is a fun albeit risky phase! Should you trash your 1-point Lick Attack to try for that big set completion? You may likely get stuck with extra badgers, strangers, or vacuums without enough Dash cards to sufficiently chase them away (resulting in a loss of points). Or the gamble could pay off for big gains!

Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t underestimate the Lick Attacks! While they don’t merge into synergistic scoring combinations, they get you points and nothing but points…especially those 3- and 4-pointers.
  • Roll with the game as strategies shift due to card selection each round. Don’t get too caught up in your favorite approach as this will likely change each game.

Doxie Dash

Scoring & Wrap-up

Overall, as a light-weight game, I give Doxie Dash an 8 out of 10 (“enjoy playing and would suggest it” on BGG’s scale) for the following reasons:


  • The theme is outstanding. Who wouldn’t want to trash a home as a dog?
  • The large amount of included cards (compared to those used) make for a unique game each time you play.
  • The amount and complexity of scoring combinations is just right: not too much, not too little.
  • The artwork is colorful and cute and pixelated! Kudos to Marcie, Justin, and Travis from Mackerel Sky Games for the excellent work here.
  • The “last chance” card exchange is a fun way to integrate more randomness and suspense.
  • Rescuing a Meep is a fun bonus to chasing away badgers, strangers, and vacuums…and they’re adorable! You should have heard the drawn-out “Awwwwwws” from our kids the first time we played. =-)


  • Medium: Even though decks are rotated, there’s not a ton of interaction that needs to take place between players. This may be a negative point for the game itself, but this also opens up the opportunity to chat and laugh about anything and everything while playing…fitting for a light-weight game.
  • Very small: The rules jump straight into the contents, scoring objectives, and set-up instead of a playful or suspenseful introduction to set the scene of the game. I always appreciate a good game intro and insist on reading it to new players! (Euphoria‘s may be my all-time favorite!).

I definitely recommend Doxie Dash, particularly for families with kids between 4 and 10-years-old. Gamers of all types would enjoy it as a filler or warm-up game. It’s quick, simple, and can best be described as cute! =-)

Buy Doxie Dash here!

Disclaimer: I received this game for free in exchange for my review, but believe me, I post authentic reviews every time and will be brazenly blunt if needs be.

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