Viticulture Game Review: A perfectly balanced game of rustic progression

Best Moment

I thought I had the easy vic. I had an early, steady flow of grape planting and harvesting, I had great visitors helping increase wine production with some nicely aging wines to fulfill orders. My wife was slowly progressing along without too much success. She then deftly tacked to a heavy tour-based approach with her valuable tasting room, and it worked! She pulled off a very close victory proving that there are many paths to success!

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Euphoria: Ignorance is Bliss Expansion Review

Euphoria: Ignorance is Bliss Game Review


Ignorance is Bliss is a solid expansion which integrates seamlessly into the original. It is right in my sweet spot of not so overwhelming that it takes over the original, but not so light that it feels valueless. Having played a bunch of times, I would guess I choose to play Euphoria with the expansion about half the time which is my definition of a perfect expansion. Now, I would highly recommend having played the base Euphoria game or having read my original Euphoria review before continuing (it won’t make a ton of sense if you don’t!).

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Wingspan Game Review: My first 10 out of 10…ever

Wingspan Board Game Review

Best Moment

Lady Luck was not on my side this game when I was forced to sacrifice birds with valuable actions (normally my favorite) for birds with one-time actions and lower point values. Everyone thought I would be blown out of the water based on what they could see on my board, but I had managed to collect and complete four secret bonus cards for a huge amount of points. The player adding up the scores laughed several times as she calculated scores before announcing me as the winner…by one point!

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My Little Scythe Game Review: A captivating strategy game for the whole family

Best Moment

We were nearing the end of the game, and my young daughter had collected the four apples she needed for her last trophy. She was frantically lugging them back to the castle portal to return them for the victory while her big brother raced to collect enough pies for his last trophy. She finally made it first with a loud, “Woohoo!” double fist pump followed by a not-so-sportsmanlike, “Hahahaha!” pointing her finger right at her brother. Mom and dad couldn’t help but chuckle while trying to teach good sportsmanship. =-)

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Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig Board Game Review

Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig


A word to the OCD out there: if you play this extraordinary game, you will need to accept inefficiencies as they come. You will not be able to exploit every tile to the fullest extent. It’s impossible. But that’s also the fun of it! Trying to nail that balance between tile types, tile position, tile bonuses, and collaborating with your co-builder gives this game one of the highest replay values out there. It may just take a couple of rounds to squelch the OCD monster. =-)

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Euphoria Board Game Review: Uprising. Influence. Courage.


Euphoria is one of those games that consumes your mind for hours and even days after playing it the first few times. Every gap in conversation my wife and I had those first several days was filled with, “Man! Next time I need to hit up Icarus more…” or “Ugh, if only I had finished the Subterran Tunnel earlier…” This constant analysis roils in the back of your head, and it’s awesome!

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