Want a game reviewed?

You get…

  • An engaging, vibrant, comfortable board game review professionally written in an evergreen style that will not fade with time
  • A review of at least 85% actual meat (i.e., analysis, pros/cons, tips and tricks, etc.) as opposed to extensive rulebook regurgitation
  • The permanent link to the review on this site and the full review and rating posted on boardgamegeek.com.
  • The published review within 6 weeks of game receipt with very few exceptions (my reviews are a multi-week work in progress across many gameplays with multiple player demographics). I can typically accommodate some reasonable urgency.
  • (Maybe) Added to one of my game lists (e.g., family, teenager, party, etc.) or even my Top 10 list!

I do not…

  • Promote the review in any way (e.g., social media, email distribution lists, etc.). This is on you!
  • Host game giveaways
  • Accept all review requests
  • Take photos of games

Game Publisher Requirements

  • Send me two copies of the game, one to review and one to share with friends (I never resell or exchange games)
  • Send at least three high-resolution, professional photos to post with the review
  • Post the link to the review on your site, if possible (I understand some sites are not built to handle review links)

Other Notes

  • For Kickstarter campaigns, I am happy to take and review a play-tested prototype copy as long as two production-ready copies are sent when ready. This will allow you to post actual game reviews with your Kickstarter campaign.
  • For board game expansions, if core gameplay is largely the same, I will add an addendum to the original game’s review focusing on the expansion. If the game is vastly different, I will post an entirely separate review.

Email me here if you are interested in working together. Thanks!

Personal Note

For those of you who have worked with me in the past, you know I used to engage extensively in every one of the “I do not…” items above. In an effort to better prioritize my time and focus on what is most important to me in life, I have pared back my service offering which subsequently better aligns to my brand name: Just Simple Reviews…nothing more, nothing less.