5 Awesome Board Games for Teenagers

5 Awesome Board Games for Teenagers

Sometimes it’s hard to find board games suitable for teenagers. They often get bored and disinterested if the game is too long, too complex, or perceived as too dull. Here are five tried and true board games which have a high level of involvement, are fast-paced, and have some sort of craziness factor…just what teens need in a board game whether they are board game fans or not!

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Student Bodies Board Game Review: Thrilling zombie mayhem!

Student Bodies Board Game - Top 5 board game for teens!

I fully admit, I love zombie horror games. Student Bodies takes a fresh new twist on the many classic, co-op, shoot-’em-up zombie games out there. You play as one of several high school students in a┬ázombie-infested school. Here’s the catch: you’re already bitten! The clock is ticking for you to race across the hall to the science lab, find your antidote, and make your way back to the exit, shoving your fellow classmates aside (and hopefully into a zombie!) along┬áthe way. The winner makes it to the exit first, locks the door behind him or her, and gleefully skips away with his life while the other students get eaten alive.

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